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Three Sizes To Choose From - We will find you a similar one! (prices ex gst and farm)

Grand - Our Largest Trees

A Bit About Our Grand Trees (Starting at $1750)

Our most impressive trees, all close to 20 years old. They have a great deal of foliage, which makes them both perfect garden centrepieces and great privacy screens. Measuring over 4+ metres high with a thick tree base, these trees are for those who want to make an impression.


Medium - Our Most Popular Trees

A Bit About Our Medium Trees (Starting at $1000)

Over 15 years old and 2.8 - 4 metres in height, these trees suit a variety of locations and customer needs. Easier to move, they can be either planted or placed in our largest pots. Definately an all rounder tree that is frequently used for landscaping, privacy screens and garden centrepieces.


Small - For Those With A Little Less Space

A Bit About Our Small Trees (Starting at $500)

Perfect for those with limited space. These trees are 1.8 - 2.8 metres high and look fantastic either potted or planted in the ground.


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