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Olive Trees, In The Ground

How do I prepare the ground for planting?

The hole for planting should exceed the dimension of the root ball by at least 200mm. The root ball naturally varies with the tree size. Olive trees have a lateral root system and it is best to allow for this to avoid damage to the roots.


What soil mix should be added when planting?

Any composted material, reasonably aerated with a pH level of approximately 7.2.


What are the watering requirements?

Water every two days for the first month (don’t soak) and then twice a week until fully established.


What fertilizer should I use?

On planting we recommend an application of Seasol (to be applied as per directions for transplanted trees). 


Olive Trees, In Containers


What are the watering requirements?

Once every two days in Summer , twice a week in Winter (don’t soak).


Do I need to add fertilizer?

We recommend either a slow release fertilizer or liquid fertilizer (Charlie Carp is very good)  to be applied as per directions.


What about pests?

Olive lacewing can attack the underside of olive tree leaves. The leaves will yellow if the pest is present. A healthy tree would normally be resistant to disease. 

There are two options:

1) A non-chemical Pyrethrum spray which must target the insect directly to be effective.

2) For larger trees, a systemic spray (which we can supply pre-mixed on delivery of the tree).


Moving Olive Trees

Tree moving is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Olive Grove’s unique services. Moving a tree from an orchard to a commercial property or homeowner landscape requires specialized knowledge. We have gained this knowledge through many years of experience. Once your order is placed, we soak the tree with plant starter for 24 hours prior to the dig. This diminishes shock to the tree in preparation of removal to the planting site. The trees are transported in a purpose built flat bed truck covered with shade cloth to prevent any wind burn.

for larger orders particularly interstate we use semi-trailers specifically modified for transport of trees.


Tree Delivery / Installation Pricing

We deliver to South East QLD, intra and Interstate however, as the delivery and installation of olive trees is a complicated exercise the pricing varies dramatically. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration such as access, the number of trees, size and distance to travel. Please contact Rod for detailed pricing upon enquires. Thank you.

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