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Purchasing your Olive Tree

The olive tree can be a symbolic defining feature of any home or development.

* Prices do not include delivery

How To Purchase

Step 1. Go to the Trees For Sale section of the website and select the size tree/s you would like to purchase.

Step 2. Contact us with via phone or email and we send you a quote with a photo of the tree you will get for your approval. (See below - Tree Delivery / Installation Pricing).

​​Tree Delivery / Installation Pricing

As the delivery and installation of olive trees is a complicated exercise and the pricing will vary. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration such as the number of trees, size, access, and distance to travel. Please contact Rod for detailed pricing. Thank you.

For Contractors / Developers

We work closely with architects and landscapers to integrate our olive trees in your plan and select, deliver and install olive trees best suited for the specifications you and your clients require. For large orders farm visits are welcome by appointment only.

After purchase care

Within 60 days of supply/planting we can provide on-site inspection, to the Greater Brisbane Area.

About our trees

Though there are a variety of different types of olive trees we concentrated on those with the most productive growth and rich foliage.



The premier Olive Tree for making extra-virgin olive oil known for it’s delicious fruity aroma. Although predominately used for oil many private boutique growers use the Frantoio for table olives. Also sought after as an ornamental.

Nevadillo Blanco

This is primarily an oil variety, however can be “dual purpose” and is highly sought after as an ornamental tree.  Can be used as a stand alone tree in ground or in ornamental container.


Internationally considered to produce great table olives medium to large in size. Many boutique growers use the Azapa olive to create oil. This tree, like the Nevadillo will also make for a beautiful ornamental centre piece. Variety is used extensively in Chile, and thrives in warmer regions.

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